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Expose these idiots; throw them out of office

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The House of Representatives is on pace to spend only 100 days in session this year — fewer than the 108 days of the ill-famed “Do-Nothing Congress” of 1948, writes Jerry Zremski in today’s Buffalo News. (See story.)

Jerry quotes a western New York congresswoman, Louise Slaughter:

I can’t imagine a more perfect example of how pathetic the House is than the schedule for next week. We’re going to meet on Monday on the Protection of Marriage constitutional amendment. And on Tuesday we’re going to protect the pledge [of allegiance]. And here we are: The Middle East is breaking out in war all over, the deficit is eating us alive, people are in serious need of jobs and the House is immersing itself in this stuff.

Rep. Slaughter is a Democrat. Here’s what Jerry wrote about my Republican congressman:

Rep. John R. “Randy” Kuhl, a freshman Republican from Hammondsport, said, “There’s probably room for more oversight.”

But he said it’s “complete nonsense” to portray the House as a rubber stamp, noting that he recently saw a bill developed in committee and altered by more than 40 amendments.

… Kuhl said he hasn’t seen major problems with how Congress functions …

Wow. Talk about widely differing viewpoints.

Now, I’ve always known that House members duck back to their home districts for politicking and fundraising on the weekends. But Jerry reports that “House members often arrive in Washington on Tuesday mornings and leave Thursday afternoons. While in the capital, they spend a lot of time retreating to party offices to make fundraising phone calls …” [emphasis added]

Sheesh. No wonder they’ll hit only 100 days in session. And they gave themselves a pay raise this year? [Insert appropriate epithet here.] More importantly, when do they find time to actually read the legislation they vote on? Oh, right — the House leadership tells them how to vote, so they don’t need to read it. And when do they find time to actually research, write and propose legislation beneficial to the citizenry? Oh, right — they have lobbyists do that heavy lifting — but only to benefit the corporations and other fat cats who are on the other end of all those party office fundraising calls.

“25 percent of Americans said they approve of the job Congress is doing, down from 29 percent a month ago and 34 percent in January,” Jerry reports.

I’m disgusted. I wish more people would blog about their House representatives. Find out what you can about their fundraising and voting records and tell people what you learn.

Here are some tools:

Center for Responsive Politics
Political Money Line
The Federal Election Commission Disclosure Data Search
Library of Congress Thomas legislation-tracking service
Center for Public Integrity
The Hill (a newspaper for and about Congress)
Center for Media and Democracy (home of SourceWatch and PRWatch)
Capital Eye (a money-in-politics newsletter)
The Washington Post U.S. Congress Votes Database
Campaign Finance Information Center (from Investigative Reporters and Editors)

Get to work, people. If we don’t write about these morons, how will we ever get them out of office?

Written by Dr. Denny Wilkins

July 15, 2006 at 1:27 pm

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