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Recent statements from morons

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today in opposition to H.R. 2669 and in support of the McKeon alternative. As the father of three college graduates and a college sophomore, I understand the financial burden higher education poses on families and students. That is why I am proud of Republican efforts, particularly those of Representatives Buck McKeon and Ric Keller to expand college access and increase affordability.

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) on July 11 in opposition to the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007, which the Democratically controlled House passed Wednesday. Supporters say the bill would lower student loan interest rates, increase Pell grants and offer tuition assistance and loan forgiveness. Nineteen months ago, Reps. Wilson, McKeon (R-Calif.) and Keller (R-Fla.) voted with the GOP majority (217-215) to approve the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, which slashed nearly $13 billion from student-loan programs.
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Written by Dr. Denny Wilkins

July 13, 2007 at 4:43 pm

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