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He’s alive! He’s alive! (Watch out for the villagers, Tom)

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You’d think, given the legal and ethical stakes driven into his heart, that Tom DeLay would be politically dead.

He ain’t. He’s alive and well and envisioning a Republican recapture of Congress.

According to the Hill News, the newspaper that bills itself as for and about Congress:

Former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) announced the launch of an Internet-based grassroots organization aimed at raising money and uniting Republican activists to take back and hold the GOP majority in Congress, according to a release today.

The organization is called GAIN (Grassroots Action and Information Network). After applying to join GAIN (assuming you have provided two references “who have worked with you in either political campaigns or conservative grassroots activist efforts”), you will:

Communicate with Tom DeLay…
• When you receive weekly GAIN notifications and alerts of all the events, and volunteer opportunities available to you
• When you receive weekly GAIN notifications of insider political information on the 110th Congress, updates on the ways of combating the plans of the radical left and their associates in the left wing media elite
• When you participate in monthly online strategy sessions with Tom DeLay and other members of the GAIN Network

Help Tom DeLay…
• By building a GAIN operation in your congressional district
• By recruiting new GAIN members
• By organizing grassroots parties, petitions, letter writing drives and campaign efforts
• By developing a personal relationship with you (sic) elected officials
You will also receive insider updates on Mr. DeLay’s schedule including appearances, events, and book signings both in your area and nationally.

“Communicate” implies a two-way conversation. I didn’t see any opportunity to talk directly with Tom here. (Maybe you have to pay money for that.)

At least you can read Tom’s blog. If you don an aluminized, flameproof suit, you can visit Tom’s blog to read such Tom-penned tidbits as:

Our liberal opponents would have Americans believe that they are becoming more conservative; that they are moderating their radical agenda so that they can claim to be the final arbiters of “mainstream” political thought. In truth, they are only paying the lip service to some of our words so they can take and hold political power. The proverbial leopard cannot change his spots and liberals cannot forsake their radicalized ultra-liberal base.

Or this:

This weblog is one small way for us help create the conditions for positive action. We will foster discussion and debate, by boldly putting forth conservative belief and principle. We all must recognize, however, that while we create an environment for thoughtful conservative dialogue, there is an even deeper need for bold conservative action as we struggle to return our government to its First Principles. It is my hope that can provide us with some of the fuel we will need to sustain our real world movement.

Y’all feel better now?


Written by Dr. Denny Wilkins

December 11, 2006 at 3:26 pm

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