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A computer with a deep, masculine voice called my home phone this week and told me to call my congressman and tell him to deep-six any Bush budget that cuts money for health care, food for poor children and education.

And I’m pissed.

The computer did not identify the organization its synthesized voice represented. It provided no clear facts. It did not tell me any place to go to vet the facts of the issue for myself.

It preyed on emotion. It targeted my bleedin’ liberal heart: “… stop President Bush’s immoral program of taking food from the mouths of poor children ..” (See the full transcript of the computerized pitch behind the LJ cut.)

I don’t know who’s paying for this. I don’t know the agenda behind whatever organization is paying for this. But I’m angry as hell at the morons behind it: Be accountable. Tell me who you are. Tell me why you’re doing this. And tell me who’s contributing money (and how much) to your organization.

This kind of politickin’ is unconscionable. But, of course, we’ll see more of the same from the usual cast of suspects as the mid-term elections grow near — and certainly when the ’08 brouhaha commences.

When this kind of hidden-agenda crap surfaces from the deep, money-green slime of politics, we’ve got to demand accountability.

If you have any idea who these morons are, please let me know.

Emergency action. With your help we can finally stop President Bush’s immoral program of taking food from the mouths of poor children and cutting money for health care and education just to put tax breaks in the pockets of millionaires.

Just days ago, the Republican leadership failed to round up the votes to pass President Bush’s budget because hundreds of thousands of people like you had told him in no uncertain terms that they had had enough.

The Republicans plan one last attempt to jam the Bush budget through Congress. But if we all take action this time, we can stop them cold. Your congressman, Randy Kuhl, will be a critical swing vote. Call Congressman Kuhl. Tell him to vote against any budget that cuts money for food, health care, education in order to fund tax breaks for millionaires.

To speak to Congressman Kuhl’s office right now, simply push 1 on your touch-tone phone and we will connect you at no charge. Push 1 now to be connected.


Written by Dr. Denny Wilkins

April 26, 2006 at 2:20 pm

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