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Dems’ money pitch, Part III

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The Democratic Party has taken note of my earlier refusals to submit to its fund-raising entries. It’s brought out the big gun herself — Hillary. Pelosi wasn’t enough; The Screamer wasn’t enough. (See posts here and here.)

But, at least, Hillary isn’t hiding behind Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi’s “2005 Democratic Agenda Survey.” She’s not using as cover Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean’s “2006 Grassroots Survey of Democratic Leaders.”

She’s using everyone’s favorite punching bag these days — the president himself.

She tells me that what “George W. Bush and the Republican Congress offer are irresponsible, short-sighted policies, and evasion of responsibility.” (The comma error’s hers, not mine.)

She tells me that the “task before us as Democrats — the critical task — is to take back our country and put back on track for the generations of Americans to come.” What the hell does that mean?

Puh-leez. Strike one: She assumes I’m a Democrat (I’m sure that’s merely her computer’s fault). Strike two: She mongers fear of the GOP but provides no Democratic plan for addressing all the ills she ascribes to the Prez.

Strike three: She says “we must raise $3.4 million by March 31 to compete effectively with the GOP — but we are still $2.1 million short.”

What do you mean by “we,” Kemo Sabe? There’s no explanation of why Hillary needs the precise figure of $3.4 million to “compete effectively” with the GOP. So the chances of me participating in the 2006 version of the financial arms race that is the core of all politics is the same that Bill has become celibate.

If this is the best the Dems can do, they can do it without me.


Written by Dr. Denny Wilkins

March 10, 2006 at 4:17 pm

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