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The Dems’ money pitch II

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Nancy Pelosi tried to get my money last year. Now, Howard Dean wants to slip his fingers into my wallet. She didn’t get any, and the Screamer won’t either.

Last year, House minority leader Pelosi sent me the “2005 Democratic Agenda Survey” on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. (Earlier post.) Today, not one but two copies of Gov. Dean’s “2006 Grassroots Survey of Democratic Leaders” arrived in my mailbox. One used my first and last name; the other added my middle initial.

I suppose I should be flattered. The Screamer and his crack staff apparently believe that I (“You have been selected to represent St. Bonas, NY”) am a “Democratic Leader.” I think they’ve been buying the wrong mailing lists, because today’s poor excuse for a political party masquerading as the Democratic Party isn’t one I’d try to sell door to door.

Consider a few of the survey’s questions:

• “Do you support tax cuts targeted at working families?”

• “Should the government put a high priority on stopping American manufacturing jobs from being ‘outsourced’ to overseas workers?”

• “Do you believe Medicare should be allowed to re-import less expensive drugs from Canada to make prescription medicines more affordable for senior citizens”?

The survey is arrogant. It does not ask my opinions; it only asks whether I agree with the Democratic Party’s opinions. Don’t these morons get it?

The survey ends, of course, with a pitch for money. In Gov. Dean’s cover letter, he writes that “to include your responses in the survey tabulation, I must ask you to complete and return your poll within the next 72 hours.” Translation: Give me your money now.

That language of the Screamer’s is akin to TV ads that promise a special deal if you “call within the next 10 minutes.”

If this is the best that the Democrats can do to reach a rank-and-file guy like me, it’s problems are more deeply rooted that I thought.


Written by Dr. Denny Wilkins

January 20, 2006 at 1:27 pm

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